What to do if you are hacked?

There are millions of hacking cases reported each year. The following steps help you to get back in track even though you are tracked.

Usual incidents following an account hacking:

  • Call from your credit card company regarding any unusual activity or you notice any unusual account usage
  • Strange requests to friends or family requesting money.

You can check whether your email address has been hacked by entering the website: https://haveibeenpwned.com/

Scan your computer for any virus in your computer, as it might be the primary reasons for your account breach. Do anti-virus scan to outroot any source of breaches within the system.

Step 1: change your passwords for all your accounts: email, bank, Paypal etc. if available set-up two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access.

Step 2: check for any usual activity in your account, check inbox or sent items to know any contacts or password reset request happened. In such cases, inform your company or any official persons that your account is breached.

Step 3: Check your bank transactions for any transactions, it is always preferred to inform the bank to block bank cards to prevent any loss.