How to use privacy dashboard for your account security?

Microsoft provides a privacy dashboard common for an account regardless of a number of devices.

To access privacy dashboard go to :

to access your account.

In this page, you can manage things from your browsing data to location privacy settings. Moreover, scrolling down shows you options to manage privacy settings for various Microsoft applications.



Within the Windows app, you can control many privacy options. To see these options go to, Setting-> Privacy. 

Here for each option, you maintain your privacy by enabling or disabling app permissions (location, camera, microphone etc.) which can be accessed through the options shown in the left pane.



Another important thing to note that you can choose which all apps can run in the background. This option can be visible by scrolling down the left pane.



Choose the apps you don’t want to run in the background. You can turn off the apps permission by switching off the corresponding sliding switches.