Restart your Printer services in Windows (Print Spooler issue)

Solve Printer issues such as spooler service error, spooler keeps stopping or Printer crashing automatically due to spooler issue.

Follow the below steps: 



This should resolve your Printing issue.

Note : If you are not Tech Savvy or not sure/aware of technical stuffs, suggest you to contact your Technical professionals of 13 Tech to handle the situation and provide a solution.

How to fix Microphone not working on Windows 10?

There are different options to fix the issue.
a)Enable Apps to access microphone:





 b) Make connected microphone as system default: Go to start menu à Click Settings à Go to System



c) Run the Windows Sound Troubleshooter: Windows System has a built-in troubleshooter that will identify and resolve audio issues automatically. To run this, go to the sound icon on bottom taskbar à right click on speaker iconà click on Troubleshoot sound Problems à Then follow the screen instructions to resolve the issue.

 (need to modify the image)

d) Reinstall or Update Microphone drivers: You can uninstall microphone drivers and let Windows install it automatically.

How to set up desktop notification for Gmail?

Open Gmail, Go to Settings

Tip: Sometimes you need to enable google notifications on your Desktop (For this you have to click the link just above the option. Then read and allow the pop-up shown by google)

How to get notified of unread messages in Gmail?

Open Gmail, Go to Settings


How to fix blue screen of death (BSOD) on windows 10?

BSOD can cause due to various issues from hardware complaints to software issues.


This issue mostly occurs due to random reasons. One of the main solutions is to undo your latest action on your PC. This includes removing software recently installed or updating Windows.

If you cannot access the system, then Go to the power button and press shift key.