Windows guide

How to setup windows 10 account?

This guide will help you to create new Microsoft account and keep system up-to-date.

Advantage: Only a single sign-in is required to access all Windows 10 and other Microsoft services.


Steps to setup and configure MS account


  1. Sign-up for an account while initializing windows 10 or visit to create one. You can either sign-in with a new username and password or use the credentials of other Microsoft services you use, for eg: Outlook, MSN, Windows Live Messenger, Xbox Live, Skype, Office or Bing etc.

Note: you can use any email address to sign-in.




Enter the password and finalise the step.


  1. While initialising windows 10, you need to sign-in with your Microsoft account. Any information associated with the account, including profile picture and contacts will be fetched.



  1. After setting up the account you can configure it from the Operating System (Windows 10).

Open the main settings and choose accounts to see the options to modify. Click the start menu (windows icon at the left corner) and choose settings.



Choose Accounts as shown below:


Open the account to explore the options on the left pan as shown below. You can manage your account, modify security settings and synchronise the account.


In the option ‘Your Info’, you can manage the account and that takes you to webpage where you created the account.



In ‘Email & accounts’ options on the left pane, you can add accounts/ other Microsoft apps accounts.


In the sync your settings, you have the option to keep your passwords to be synchronised using your account




In addition, you can also add family members in the option ‘family and other users’, this option enables them to access the system with their own account and without sharing your account.

How to keep the Windows Up-to-date?

Even though Windows 10 has an automatic update feature, you can easily check for updates yourself.  Updates are usually two types: (i) the major updates (anniversary update) that add new features while (ii) smaller updates improve security and other features.

This guide helps you to check for updates manually.

From the start menu, then select the setting icon for the ‘update and security’ option.



Select the update and security option


If the update is available, it will show a download option, you can download updates and perform install action.




In some cases, the system doesn’t show the download option instead there will be ‘check for updates option’. Click on the option and any available update will now display at the top.


You can perform the install action after the download. In some cases, you will need to restart the system to complete the update. You can restart the system right or you can schedule a conviniet time.


You can view update history below the update option. This is useful to monitor security updates for work.





How to clear Windows update cache?

This is useful while windows update to run without any troubles.

Go to Start and type ‘services’ in the windows search bar.



Scroll down and locate ‘Windows Update’



Click on Windows Update and stop the service.

Then Go to ‘C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download’ in the file directory. And select all the files (use keyboard short cut ‘Ctrl+A’ to select all) and delete it. This will clear the cache.

Note: you are deleting windows cache, copy the data into another folder only if you want to keep it.



Now go back to windows update again and start the service. Wait till it shows running.



Go to windows update and click check for updates



If the update is available, download and install the latest updates.

How to connect your Windows PC with internet?

Go to windows settings options


Go to 'network and Internet' in the settings


Or click the network icon in the bottom right corner notification bar. And then click the Network and Internet security.



Then Click on the ‘show available network options’. The available networks will pop-up from the network icon. Click the network you want to connect with, then tick the option ‘connect automatically’ to connect whenever the network is available.


Then click the connect option, then enter the password (or the security key) and click next to complete the connection setup.