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How to manage the audience options available in the Facebook?

Public: The content is available to anyone who can access Facebook

Friends: The content is limited your Facebook friends.

Custom: This option allows you to share contents only selected people

Only me: The content is visible only to you, none other than you can see the Post if you enable this option.

To see the option

On your Facebook page, go to top right corner and click the downward pointing arrow. Click ‘Settings and privacy’ and go to the privacy option in left pane. In this privacy settings and tools, you can check your audience.


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You can edit options like ‘your activity’ and ‘how people find and contact you’ in this page





Read carefully and make changes according to your interests to limit your information on Facebook.


It’s better to limit You posts and activities within the ‘Friends’. Its always a good practice to review your past posts and your audience to make sure that information is also secure.

For a maximum security, edit the option ‘Who can contact me’ to enable it only to ‘friends’ or ‘friends of friends.

For the last option ‘Do you want other search engines to link to your profile’, we recommend keeping ‘NO’ for the option to minimise your information available publicly.  


Note: These setting preferences may vary with individuals and their needs, it is recommended that you choose best options carefully according with your interests.

How to guard your personal information?

Facebook allows you to share all your personal information on the social network. These personally-identifying information (PII) are critical to share in the social media, as when it combines with other information could keep your identity or bank account at risk.

These include your birthday, high school, location etc. This information is visible in the ‘About’ tab under your Facebook cover photo (Home page). There are seven sections you could edit and keep limited information about you to avoid identity risks.



We recommend keeping your personal information away for the public by selecting ‘only me’ in the option.



Note: These setting preferences may vary with individuals and their needs, it is recommended that you choose best options carefully according to your interests.


How to manage access of third application access?

Third-party apps can access information form your Facebook account once you gave permission. To view the apps that you gave permission to access your Facebook profile, open ‘privacy settings and tools’. The go-to ‘Apps and Websites’.


The information third party apps usually take are, in general, your name, photos, gender, networks, location etc. In addition, apps can access your friends' list and any other information available to the public.


You can see here which apps are using your Facebook account. In the view and edit option for each app, according to your choice you can edit the public visibility option and information you share with the app.



In addition, blocking option in the left pane allows you not only to block users but also apps.





Carefully read and use options to block the apps which you no longer use.

Moreover, you have an option to turn off all third-party apps at once. In the edit option under ‘Apps and Websites’.


Please read carefully before you turn-off this option

Note: These setting preferences may vary with individuals and their needs, it is recommended that you choose best options carefully according to your interests.

Instagram: How to keep your Posts private?

Your profile photo and posts in the image-driven app, by default, can be seen by everyone. In the privacy settings, you have the option to make it visible only to approved followers.

This keeps your photos/posts only visible to your approved followers and no longer available to public.

Instagram: How to keep Your account private?

In the app version on the mobile device , Android or IOS

  1. In your account profile, tap  image-1595065862189.png  to open Settings.
  2. In the option image-1595065916023.pngSettings at the bottom left, Tap to see privacy options.
  3. Locate and tap the Account Privacy in Privacy settings 

               Privacy > Account Privacy.

This makes your account private. By making your account private, your profile contents and other information are not visible to the public.

Instagram- How to keep activity status turned OFF?

  1. On your account profile, tap image-1595066558236.png  at the top right (for android) to see settings option.
  2. Tap image-1595066573820.pngSettings at the bottom of the page then go to > Privacy and then > Activity Status.
  3. Tap the slide switch image-1595066609894.png(if it's ON) next to Show Activity Status.

This will turn off your activity status.

Note: Instagram also notifies you, if you turned off you won't be able to see others activity status as well. Make changes according to your preferences and interests.

LinkedIn-How to keep your account safe from hacking?

Enabling two-step authentication gives you strong security in addition to a strong password you have. Whenever there is an unusual login to the account, If this option is enabled, LinkedIn will send you a verification code. Then, after confirming your identity only the account can be accessed.

To enable two-step authentications


Note: LinkedIn notifies you that enabling this feature will logout from any devices you signed in, remove all remembered device and disconnect access to any third-party apps or partners







LinkedIn- How to stop other people viewing your connections?